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My name’s Suzanna and I’m a 30 something, food obsessed Sydneysider. Although I was born and raised in Australia, I come from a traditional European family where fresh food and abundant family feasts have always played an important part in my life.

I love learning and cooking my families traditional recipes. Recipes that I have grown up with, recipes that have been lovingly handed down from generation to generation. (That’s me, mum and baba/grandmother in the photograph above.)

What I love most about rustic village-style cooking, is that it‘s simple, healthy and honest. It’s always seasonal, tastes amazing and as I’ve discovered, well-suited to busy/modern living.

At Village Feast you’ll find “food from the heart”. A variety of traditional village-style recipes, most of which come from my family, whilst others are favourites from other families/backgrounds/cultures.

This site is a celebration of food that is traditional, wholesome and full of flavour. It’s about sharing and recording precious recipes before they are lost forever. Let’s get back to basics and eat like our ancestors did and feast together!



All recipes on Village Feast are tested and photographed by me, unless otherwise stated.

This entire site © 2009-2012 Village Feast. All of the photographs and text, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted Village Feast. No part of this site, or any of the content contained, may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without express permission.

Constructive feedback is welcome in the comments. If you decide to leave a comment please keep it friendly and relevant. Remember that you are a guest on this site, rude and inappropriate comments are not welcome and will not be approved to post.

I can be reached via email at:
cook [at] villagefeast [dot] com [dot] au

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Joining is FREE and you'll never miss a recipe!

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