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Village Feast in Good Taste magazine

Shared by: Village Feast

If you haven’t yet had a chance to grab a copy of the April issue of Australian Good Taste magazine, I’ve uploaded a pdf of the story.

For the Kozinjak recipe click here.

For more information about the magazine head on over to the Australian Good Taste website australiangoodtaste.com.au

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  1. Natalie

    Such an awesome story. Da priznat makedonija!!!! Well done Suzana :)

  2. Kristine

    What a wonderful article! I was at the supermarket tonight and I wish I picked up a copy!

  3. Vesna

    Well done on the article – it’s a lovely story. You have inspired me to give this receipe a go. Fingers crossed it works out. Ps: Can I please be bold and put in a special request for a recipe for Pitulici, but the ones that are deep fried and then coated in sugar. We call them (shabi or frogs)because of their shape. Everyone I speak to seems to have a different way of making them. I would love to see your version. In the meantime, keep up the great work. I always enjoy having a peak at your new recipes.

  4. Village Feast

    Thanks for all the lovely feedback!! Vesna, I already have a pitulici recipe posted, they’re filled with feta but you can certainly cover in sugar if you prefer as the recipe remains the same :)

  5. Sara

    Hi Suzanna I found this recipe in good taste and saw the link and was so happy to finally find a good source of recipes! I have married into a Macedonian family yet my mother in law does not cook much so I am glad to finally be able to impress my husband with some traditional recipes! Would love to see a Krofne recipe if you have one. They are so delicious! Keep up the great work and thank you!!! xx

  6. Village Feast

    Sara, so glad you found us!! I have a wonderful Krokni recipe that I plan to post in the next few months :)

  7. Suzie-Melbourne

    Fantastic recepie It turned out great and I impressed My Buba Mum and Motherinlaw
    Thank You

  8. Lence

    Dear Suzanna, I just stumbled accross your site and I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I finally found a great source of all our wonderful Macedonian recipes. What a wonderful article. I’ve been meaning to do a collection of my baba’s & my mother’s recipes to have as a keepsake for future generations and you have now given me the extra little inspiration I needed! Thank You and keep up the fantastic work!! Best Wishes, Lenče

  9. VillageCook

    Thanks Lence, and apologies for the late response. I’m excited to have inspired you and hope that you are now able to do the same with your families recipes. Happy feasting – Suzanna xx

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