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New life for old recipes

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New life for old recipes

I’m super excited to have my first Village Feast mention in the media yesterday!

The Herlad, in my hometown of Newcastle ran a feature titled ‘New life for old recipes’. The article talks about the need for us to save our family recipes and the time I have spent with my baba learning to cook the recipes from my heritage.

Here’s an excerpt:
“Our food is so precious. It’s connected to so many memories. I was just so worried about these recipes being lost forever.”

She has been receiving old recipes from subscribers from different cultures around the world who are eager to keep their heirloom recipes in circulation, and she is always looking for more contributors willing to share their family’s food secrets.

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  1. Anna

    Hi Suzie,
    It was great to see your article in the Newcastle Herald.
    How fortunate that you are able share and experience cooking with your Baba and to also document her recipes and best of all that you are generous enough to share her recipes with everyone.
    Happy cooking,looking forward to more of your culinary delights.

  2. Helen

    Hi Suzie – I have just read the article in the paper – what a great idea. Living next door to your Baba for over 20 years we have had the pleasure of tasting some of her traditional cooking. Looking forward to trying some of the recipes.

  3. VillageCook

    Thanks Helen, how lovely to hear from you! You are very lucky living next door to baba, she really is such a beautiful cook, of-course I’m lucky too, for her patience and willingness to teach me all her specialties :o)

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