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Shared by: Suzanna

Image from Daniel Boud www.boudist.com

Since starting Village Feast last October I have had some wonderful opportunities. The Herald ran an article about my baba and I titled ‘New life for old recipes’ and I have recently started making guest appearances on the Macedonian Breakfast Show on Sunday mornings at 10am.

Most recently another exciting opportunity came my way, Will from Campos Coffee asked me, as ‘the village cook’ to be featured as Campos’ guest coffee taster!!!

If you haven’t heard of, or tried Campos, you haven’t lived. Their bustling Newtown coffee bar is testament to the superior quality of Campos Coffee. The consistency and unique taste of Campos beans is second to none and explains why I look forward to and cherish my daily Campos coffee–I love the unique aroma and sweet balanced taste that only Campos has!

The coffee I was lucky to taste was from Yemen. Yemen coffee is steeped in history and difficult to find. The luxurious taste is worthy of the price, $26.00 per 250g. To read more about my tasting experience and Yemen coffee check out the Campos Coffee website and click on the ‘Coffee of the Month’ link.

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  1. Anna

    Congratulations Suzie, what Macedonian Breakfast Show are you on?

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