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Some Exciting News!!! …and Mum’s Lemon and Paprika Chicken

Shared by: Vesa
Recipe origin: Newastle, Australia

I have some explaining to do…there’s a reason why my posts have been a little sparse over the past few months. I’ve been feeling ridiculously tired, my taste buds have drastically changed, and to my surprise, some days cooking is the last thing I feel like doing! If you’ve guessed that I’ve got a bun in the oven, you’re absolutely right…I’m pregnant!!!

So beloved feasters, I hope you can forgive me for my infrequent recipe posts, and I hope you’re still happy to follow me on my journey as an eager village cook and first time mum to be. The recipe posts will continue, but they may be tad less frequent, and they may become a little simpler over the coming months.

In keeping with the theme of simplified cooking, I’d love for you to try my Mum’s lemon and paprika chicken, it’s an old favourite and perfect during summer on the BBQ served with a simple garden salad or taratur.



Serves 4-6

3 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons paprika
1 garlic clove, finely grated
Juice and zest of half a lemon (zest is optional)
Sea salt to taste (or dried vegetable stock e.g. Vegeta/Massel)

4-6 chicken thigh or breast fillets, skin removed

1) Combine olive oil, paprika, garlic, lemon and salt in a medium sized glass or plastic bowl. Add chicken and toss to completely cover with marinade. Cover and marinade in refrigerator for 2 hours.

2) Preheat BBQ plate/chargrill or large frying pan (medium to hot). Cook chicken for 5 to 7 minutes on each side or until cooked through.

3) Serve chicken with salad.

Tip: Leftover chicken is delicious the next day on sandwiches with green oak lettuce, tomato, bacon and aoili (see recipe).

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  1. Dijana

    Congratulations!!! I already asked Daniela why there was nothing new from you on the website. I have the same news as you and we are due around the same time.. (A bird told me :))

  2. Anna

    Congratulations that is such happy and exciting news Suzy, wishing you and David all the very best as you embark on the joys that parenthood brings.

  3. Sara R-W

    Congratulations. That’s such wonderful news. Very happy for you both.

  4. Kristine

    I can’t wait to see the recipes you post when your little one eats solids! You’ll need a new category…toddler friendly/kid friendly recipes. :-)

  5. Meri

    Congratulations on your news, it is such an special and exciting time, i wish you all the best, i have four kids and they do make life more fun and enjoyable, i love your website, thank you so much and looking forward to your many more recipes and many more babies :)Meri

  6. sonia jovanovski

    congratulations – how exciting for you – i am at the next stage of being a grandmother – and it is simply fantastic
    love the recipes.

  7. Leni

    Congratulations Suzi, missed your web postings for the past month, I truly look forward to them. Wish you all the best, and many more babies. Would you have a recipe for Gjomleze by chance. Good Luck, love your site!!

  8. VillageCook

    Thank you so much for all the beautiful comments!!!

    Leni – baba is a gjomleze expert as she makes it regularly, recording the recipe is definitely on my list, hopefully I’ll get to it pre-baby :)

    Kris – I bet I end up cooking more carbs with a toddler, and probably all the foods I enjoyed as a child.

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