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Big Macedonian Breakfast

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Recipe origin: Macedonia

A big Macedonian breakfast

Not for the faint hearted, a big Macedonian breakfast is just that, BIG. Big flavours, big servings and definitely big on calories. Eggs, kolbasi, bread and feta, balanced with the sweetness of fresh tomato. Of course there are no hard and fast rules, depending on the season extras can include grilled or fried  chillies, ajvar, fried tomatoes and ham.

According to my dad, the Macedonian breakfast is a meal fit for a king, in fact, he’d often exclaim to my mum “Vesa, even the Prime Minister doesn’t eat this good!”.



Serves 4

350g kolbasi, cut in 3cm lengths (approximately 2 large homemade kolbasi or try csaba, chorizo, pepperoni sausages)
2-3 large tomatoes, cut into segments
4-8 large free-range or organic eggs
8 slices of thick bread (use homemade bread or Vienna, ciabatta or sourdough), toasted (toasting is optional)
80g feta cheese
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

1) Arrange kolbasi in medium non-stick frying pan, cut side down over a low-medium heat. Allow the natural fats to release and fry until browned all over (10-15 mins). Remove and rest on plate with 2 paper towels to drain, keep warm.

2) Wipe frying pan clean and place on medium heat, add 2-3 tablespoons of olive and crack open eggs, sprinkle with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Fry sunnyside up or to your liking.
Note: Wiping the frying pan clean is optional, if you prefer use the left over oil to fry your eggs.

3) Arrange tomato wedges, cheese, kolbasi, bread and egg/s on each plate, serve while hot.

– Cut kolbasi while very cold or slightly frozen to help hold their shape when frying.
– During winter replace fresh tomato with fried tomatoes or ajvar.

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  1. Bianka

    lol your dad’s a funny man :)

  2. Diana

    that’s too funny ..lol

  3. Lenka Kalanoski

    Love your blogg Susanna. Have tried some of your recipes and they are all great. Love your baba’s and how they inspired you to cook.

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